New Mexico Waterfalls

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Each waterfall is listed by its name and location letter-number below this map.

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Click on the waterfalls below for photos, topo maps and text information


* Photo Gallery of some nice New Mexico Waterfalls

…also enjoy Doug’s favorite waterfalls as well as a few close-by Colorado waterfalls at the bottom of this page                           Large maps of New Mexico Mountain areas of interest:

                                                                                                                                                                                               Taos Mountains   West Fork Mogollon  Big Dry Creek Area


Doug’s favorite New Mexico waterfalls

C-9    South Fork Casa Falls – 95’

L-2    Geronimo Falls  

L-2    West Fork Mogollon Falls

A-6    Brazos Falls - 1300’ – 2 tiers – flows only in May

B-9    Star Falls – 300’

C-8    Quemado Falls – 132’ …………………………………………………… “favorite of many”

L-2     Middle Fork Rain Creek Falls

B-9    Hondo Falls

C-8    Santa Barbara Falls – 80’ – 3 tiers

L-2    Sacaton Falls - 300’ – sometimes dry during drought

B-9    Timberline Falls – 100’

D-7    Nambe Falls – 220’ – 4 tiers

D-6    Frijoles Falls – “Lower Frijoles Falls” - 90’ high… and currently growing higher see page for details

C-9    Angostura Falls – 30’

C-9    Casa Falls – 40’

B-9    Columbine Cascades – 120’ – 5 tiers

D-8    Pecos Falls – 90’ – 2 tiers

B-9    Wheeler Creek Falls – 75’ – 2 tiers

L-2    Big Dry Creek Cascades – 1200’ – many tiers and falls up to 60’ high each

L-2    Big Dry Creek Falls – 60’

L-8    Fall Creek Falls – 120’

B-9    Wheeler Creek Cascades – 400’ – many tiers and falls

B-9    Lost Creek Cascades – 300’ – many tiers and falls

C-6    Lichen Falls – 50’

C-6    Puerco Falls – 60’

C-6    Echo Falls – 50’

D-6    Jemez Falls

M-4   Mineral Creek Falls – 75’

E-9    Falls Creek Falls – lower falls is 120’ in 5 tiers – upper is 200’ in 4 tiers

L-3    East Curtis Falls – 200’

D-9    Cascade Creek Falls – 250’ – multiple tiers

D-6    Battleship Falls – 50’

L-2    Mogollon Falls

L-3    Palomas Falls – 250’

B-9    Gavilan Falls – 50’

D-5    Clear Creek Falls

L-2     Gila Falls

D-6    Upper Guadalupe Falls


Other New Mexico waterfalls

1.             A-5    Encarnacion Falls

2.            A-6    Brazos Falls

3.            A-6    Brazos Box Falls

4.            A-6    Chavez Falls

5.            A-7    Chino Falls

6.            A-7    Beaver Creek Falls

7.            A-7    Toltec Falls

8.            A-8    El Rito Cascades

9.            A-8    Virgin Falls

10.         A-9    Latir Falls

11.          A-9    Waterfall Creek Falls

12.         A-12  Folsom Falls

13.         A-12  Corrumpa Waterfall

14.         B-1     Sanostee Falls      -not yet visited or documented

15.         B-6    Aragon Falls

16.         B-6    Cooper Falls

17.         B-6    Ghost Falls

18.         B-7    Placer Creek Falls

19.         B-7    Oso Falls

20.        B-7    Potrero Falls

21.         B-7    Borracho Falls

22.        B-9    Bear Canyon Cascades

23.        B-9    Lost Falls

24.        B-9    Sawmill Creek Falls

25.        B-9    Wheeler Creek Falls

26.        B-9    Wheeler Creek Cascades

27.        B-9    Wheeler Creek Lower Cascades

28.        B-9    Taos Cone Creek Cascades

29.        B-9    Heli-pad Cascade

30.        B-9    Williams Falls

31.         B-9    Gavilan Falls

32.        B-9    Italianos Falls

33.        B-9    Williams Basin Falls

34.        B-9    Riito Cascadas

35.        B-9    Blake Fork Falls

36.        B-9    Long Canyon Falls

37.        B-9    Hondo Falls

38.        B-9    Slide Falls

39.        B-9    Timberline Falls

40.        B-9    Broken Waters Falls

41.         B-9    El Salto (Spanish - the falls)

42.        B-9    Star Falls

43.        B-9    Miller Falls

44.        B-9    Bear Creek Cascades

45.        B-9    East Fork Gorge Cascades

46.        B-9    Clear Creek Falls

47.        B-9    Lobo Falls

48.        B-9    Bull-of-the-Woods Cascades

49.        B-9    Maverick Falls

50.        B-9    Lost Creek Falls

51.         B-9    Middle Fork Lake Falls

52.        B-9    Columbine Cascades

53.        B-9    Little Columbine Falls

54.        B-9    Courtney Falls

55.        B-9    Red River Falls

56.        C-1     Palisade Falls       -not yet visited or documented

57.        C-6    Salitral Falls

58.        C-6    Echo Falls

59.        C-6    Lichen Falls

60.        C-6    Vivian Falls

61.         C-6    Resumidero Falls

62.        C-6    Puerco Falls

63.        C-6    Chama Canyon Wilderness

64.        C-8    Agua Caliente Falls

65.        C-8    Chamisal Falls

66.        C-8    Caρada del Agua Falls

67.        C-8    Quin Sabe Falls

68.        C-8    Trampas Falls

69.        C-8    Upper Trampas Falls

70.        C-8    Ojo Sarco Falls

71.         C-8    Santa Barbara Falls

72.        C-8    Quemado Falls

73.        C-8    Suazo Falls (aka- the ice caves)

74.        C-8    Don Creek Falls

75.        C-8    Palociento Falls

76.        C-8    Rincon Creek Falls

77.        C-8    Fletchado Falls

78.        C-8    Mary's Waterfall

79.        C-9    Angostura Falls

80.        C-9    Casa Falls

81.         C-9    Middle Fork Casa Falls

82.        C-9    South Fork Casa Falls

83.        C-9    Hideaway Falls

84.        C-9    Santiago Falls

85.        C-10   Ortega Falls

86.        C-10   Charette Falls

87.        D-5    Clear Creek Falls

88.        D-5    Cuba Falls

89.        D-5    La Madera Falls

90.        D-5    Rio Puerco Falls west

91.         D-6    Chamisa Vega Falls

92.        D-6    Jacque’s Waterfall

93.        D-6    Butterfly Spring Waterfall

94.        D-6    Jemez Falls

95.        D-6    Upper Guadalupe Falls

96.        D-6    Guadalupe Falls

97.        D-6    Joaquin Falls

98.        D-6    Battleship Falls

99.        D-6    Soda Dam

100.      D-6    Church Falls

101.       D-6    Frijoles Falls

102.      D-6    Way Upper Frijoles Falls

103.      D-6    Seeping Slot Falls

104.      D-6    Sanchez Falls

105.      D-6    East Fork Jemez Box Falls

106.      D-6    Quemazon Falls

107.      D-7    Whiterock Falls

108.      D-7    Tetilla Falls

109.      D-7    Pajarito Falls

110.       D-7    Nambe Falls

111.        D-7    Little Chasm Falls

112.       D-7    Chupadero Falls

113.       D-8    Dome Creek Falls

114.       D-8    Mossy Falls

115.       D-8    Little Tesuque Falls

116.       D-8    Tesuque Falls

117.       D-8    Upper Nambe

118.       D-8    Penitente Creek Cascades

119.       D-8    Dalton Falls

120.      D-8    Macho Falls

121.       D-8    Chimayosos Falls

122.      D-8    Noisy Brook Falls

123.      D-8    Cow Creek Falls

124.      D-8    Pecos Falls

125.      D-8    Two Beautiful Waterfalls

126.      D-8    Bull Creek Falls

127.      D-8    Sebadilla Falls 

128.      D-9    Hollinger Falls

129.      D-9    El Porvenir Falls

130.      D-9    Cascade Falls

131.       D-9    Burro Canyon Falls

132.      D-11   Beaver Falls

133.      E-9    Tecolote Falls

134.      E-9    Blue Creek Falls

135.      E-9    Falls Creek Falls

136.      E-9    Brazel Falls

137.      E-10   Spring Canyon Falls

138.      F-2    Ramah Falls

139.      F-6    La Cueva Falls

140.      F-6    Chimney Falls

141.       F-6    Sandia Falls

142.      F-7    Travertine Falls

143.      F-10   Catfish Falls

144.      G-4    Diener Falls

145.      G-6    Encino Falls

146.      G-10   Power Dam Falls

147.      H-6    Trigo Canyon Falls

148.      H-6    Manzano Falls

149.      H-7    Red Canyon Falls

150.      J-1     Jenkins Creek Box Falls

151.       J-1     Leggett Canyon Waterfall

152.      J-1     Engineer Creek Falls

153.      J-1     Largo Canyon Falls

154.      J-2    Hardcastle Falls

155.      J-2    Whiskey Creek Falls

156.      J-4    Potato Slot Falls 

157.      J-4    Pink Glissade

158.      K-2    Copper Creek Falls

159.      K-4    Garcia Falls

160.      K-4    Nave Falls

161.       L-1     Whitewater Falls

162.      L-1     Little Whitewater Falls     -not yet visited or documented

163.      L-2    Mogollon Falls

164.      L-2    West Fork Mogollon Falls

165.      L-2    Geronimo Falls              

166.      L-2     West Fork Rain Creek Falls     -not yet visited or documented

167.      L-2     Middle Fork Rain Creek Falls

168.      L-2     East Fork Rain Creek Falls

169.      L-2    Sacaton Falls

170.      L-2    Big Dry Creek Falls

171.       L-2    Big Dry Creek Cascades

172.      L-2    Little Dry Creek Falls

173.      L-2    Golden Link Falls

174.      L-2    Chasm Falls

175.      L-2    Crevice Falls

176.      L-2    Spider Falls

177.      L-2    Spruce Creek Cascades

178.      L-2    Gila Falls

179.      L-2    Little Creek Falls

180.      L-2    White Creek Falls

181.       L-2    Lower Rain Creek Falls

182.      L-2    El Rincon Falls 

183.      L-2    Murtocks Falls

184.      L-3    Chloride Falls

185.      L-3    Deadman Falls

186.      L-3    Fall Canyon Falls

187.      L-3    Palomas Falls

188.      L-3    Animas Falls        -not yet visited or documented

189.      L-3    West Curtis Falls

190.      L-3    East Curtis Falls

191.       L-3    McKnight Falls 

192.      L-3    Mineral Creek Falls near Chloride

193.      L-3    Diamond Falls

194.      L-3    Falls Canyon Falls

195.      L-3    Railroad Falls

196.      L-4    Falls Gulch Falls

197.      L-4    Cave Creek Falls

198.      L-8    Fall Creek Falls

199.      L-8    Little Fall Creek Falls

200.     L-8    Three Rivers Waterslides

201.      L-8    Fort Stanton Falls

202.     L-8    Butterfly Falls

203.     L-8    Bridal Falls

204.     L-8    Tularosa Falls

205.     M-2   Milkranch Falls

206.     M-2   Sapillo Box Falls

207.     M-2   Water Canyon Falls 

208.     M-2   Pee Pee Falls

209.     M-2   Wishbone Falls

210.      M-3   Bear Canyon Falls spillway

211.       M-4   Holden Prong Cascades

212.      M-4   Mineral Creek Falls – near Kingston

213.      M-4    Carbonate Falls 

214.      M-4   Percha Falls

215.      M-8   Bridal Veil Falls

216.      M-8   Fresnal Falls

217.      M-8   Bluff Springs

218.      M-8   Waterfall Lodge Falls

219.      M-8   Wild Boy Falls                 -not yet visited or documented

220.     N-1    Slate Creek Falls

221.      N-3    Silver Creek Falls 

222.     N-8    Caballero Falls

223.     N-8    Sacramento Creek Falls

224.     N-11   Roaring Springs

225.     O-6    Fillmore Falls

226.     O-7    Organ Mountains

227.     O-10  Sitting Bull Falls

228.     O-10  Last Chance Falls

229.     O-10  Double Canyon Falls


… there are many more, in fact I will not live long enough to find them all…!!!

This is one reason why “waterfalling” is such a grand hobby.





also enjoy some Colorado Waterfalls that are near New Mexico

A-6 in Colorado by 8 miles      Chama Falls

A-6 in Colorado by 3 miles      Trujillo Meadows Falls

A-6 in Colorado by 3 miles      Cumbres Falls

A-6 in Colorado by 3 miles      Wolf Creek Falls …at Cumbres Pass

A-6 in Colorado by 3 miles      Archuleta Falls

A-6 in Colorado by 5 miles      La Manga Falls

A-6 in Colorado by 5 miles      South Elk Creek Falls

A-7 in Colorado by 5 miles      Sheep Creek Falls

A-7 in Colorado by 5 miles      Bear Creek Falls

A-7 in Colorado by 7 miles      Los Pinos Falls

A-7 in Colorado by 13 miles     Rough Creek Falls

A-7 in Colorado by 19 miles     Conejos Falls

A-7 in Colorado by 19 miles     Gunsight Falls

A-7 in Colorado by 19 miles     Upper Middle Fork Conejos Falls

A-7 in Colorado by 20 miles    Saddle Creek Tributary Falls

A-7 in Colorado by 20 miles    Lake Ann Falls

A-7 in Colorado by 20 miles    Domerock Falls

A-7 in Colorado by 20 miles    Bear Lake Creek Falls

A-7 in Colorado by 25 miles    Treasure Creek Falls

A-7 in Colorado by 28 miles    Wrightman Fork Falls

A-9 in Colorado by 43 miles    Zapata Falls


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