Toltec Falls

Anthony, Rorke and I swim-hiking... ah... er... just because we’re stupid enough to do this... ah ... does NOT mean you should...!!!

This 25 foot high waterfall is the highest one we found in the Toltec Gorge.


Long sections of DANGEROUS swims thru rocks, rapids and waterfalls make this a life-threatening but beautiful experience.

WEAR A LIFE-JACKET...!!! and even tho we didn’t... you should WEAR A HELMET...!!!

Often we were forced to leap off waterfalls and swim the rapids below... as the ONLY WAY THRU...!!!


...a beautiful 20’ high waterfall in the upper part of the gorge.



                              …a 15’ high “twin” waterfall                                                            …a 15 footer           



                            …‘nuther 15 footer                                      


beta facts:

name- Toltec Falls

height- 25’

elevation- 9150

GPS coordinates- 3658.926’N 10618.369’W

flow- healthy trout stream


accommodations- nothing… totally nothing… no help of any kind… even in an emergency…!!!

ownership- Carson National Forest… Cruses Basin Wilderness Area

access- 8 miles-no trail-steep bush-boulder-and-cliff plus a dangerous and life-threatening “swim-hike”…!!!

nearest town- Osier Train Station, Colorado

fun fact- This is New Mexico’s most extreme place.


essay bro:

This is a wonderful experience... but very DANGEROUS...!!!  A person could easily loose their life in the Toltec Gorge... but even a sprained ankle is a MAJOR PROBLEM in this place.   We swim-hiked the river from the ford below Osier down to the end of the gorge, where we hiked up a steep grassy slope 1000’ to the tracks and cross-tie-walked back to our wheels... all in one hard day.


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

_________________one mile_________________



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