La Cueva Falls

80’ high La Cueva Falls can be seen from a 100 yards south of La Luz Trail near gps 35°12.529’N 106°27.778’W


La Cueva Falls 

La Cueva Falls during dry times - Photo by: Doug Flynn 


La Cueva Narrows

this 10’ falls slides La Cueva Creek down into “the narrows” - Photo by: Doug Flynn 


beta facts:

name- La Cueva Falls

height- 80’


GPS coordinates- ±35°12.510’N 106°27.750’W

flow- small but perennial

season- any …but winter doesn’t fit my taste anymore…

accommodations- none - wilderness

ownership- Cibola National Forest

access- 3 or 4 miles depending on the route you take 

nearest town- Albuquerque is your western view from the top of the waterfall

fun fact- La Cueva Canyon has Sandia’s highest waterfalls


essay bro

I like parking at La Cueva Picnic Area and taking the Tram Trail angling up to La Luz Trail.  Then hiking up La Luz Trail to 8900’.  At this point drop down just below the trail to La Cueva Creek and follow it back to my wheels.  Some “rock-scrambling” is inevitable.  See map below.


See also: Chimney Falls

Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

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