Wild Boy Falls


Send me a photo…!!!

I have never been here…!!!

I wanna see it…..!!!!!!



beta facts:

name- Wild Boy Falls

height- 100’ high… so I have been told

elevation- 6000’

GPS coordinates- 3239.352’N 10547.373’W

flow- Wild Boy Spring just above the falls keeps a perennial trickle but summer rains and spring snow melt often creates a sensational display of grandeur.

season- April of a wet winter year and july/august of a rainy summer are the best.

accommodations- no trespassing

ownership- private subdivision… I believe it’s called “Bug Scuffle”

access- a legal hike of 2 or 3 miles, staying on public land, to a splendid vantage point viewing the falls from the southwest… is hard …but quite do-able…!!!!  The west-side canyon rim immediately below the waterfall is Lincoln National forest land.

nearest town- an enormous subdivision called “Timberon” is about 6 miles east of this falls.

fun fact- I’m akinda “wild boy”…I would like to see “Wild Boy Falls”.



essay bro:


They tell me… that this is a fabulous waterfall… especially when it is flowing big after a summer thunderstorm… and they say, “it hangs with grapevines.”


…but look at those names on that map below…!!!  WOW…!!!  …Snake Canyon …Wild Boy Canyon …Wild Boy Spring and fall … and best of all… Bug Scuffle Hill …down in the lower left-hand corner of the map.


Happy waterfall hunting.


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

_____________one mile_____________


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