Potrero Falls



Potrero (english = finger) Falls is about 25’ high and is within an exciting “slot canyon”.  During May of most years this waterfall is beautiful, white and frothy…!!

 ...and this second photo shows the 8’ high lowest tier


beta facts:

name- Potrero Falls

height- 50’ of multiple cascades… a “tiered” waterfall.  The highest tier is about 25’

elevation- 7650’

GPS coordinates- ±36°24.467’N 106°12.353’W

flow- perennial

season- any time but early May is best

accommodations- nearby campgrounds and town

ownership- Carson National Forest

access- ¼ mile hike from dirt road access

nearest town- El Rito is about 4 miles south of here

fun fact- it lives right across-the-street from the famous “El Rito” technical rock climbing area.


essay bro

Potrero Falls is a waterfall with many tiers… multiple drops… and is an exceptionally beautiful place.  It’s within a steep-walled crevasse of nice pink granite.  During average summer flow you can climb right up the cascades.  This is a fun place to cool off in the hot summertime and it appears on most forest and topo maps.


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

Potrero Falls

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