Rio Puerco Falls

This 15’ high waterfall is within the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area.


This pinnacle rises 150-feet or more, straight up out of this waterfall



beta facts:

height- 15’

elevation- 9500’

GPS coordinates- ±36°03.696’N 106°52.424’W

flow- perennial

season- May- June is best, but good thru October.

accommodations- none... it’s wilderness

ownership- Santa Fe National Forest – San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area

nearest town- Cuba, NM is about 4 miles west of here

fun fact- great trout watching



essay bro

I accessed this waterfall from San Pedro Parks Wilderness – San Gregorio Trailhead.  Trail 51 took me 3-miles or more to Trail 417... then a mile or two to the Rio Puerco... where I left the trail and bushwhacked downstream a mile or two to the falls.  This last mile is not for the faint-of-heart.  There are no more waterfalls downstream... I walked all the way down and back... a huge day hike.


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