Power Dam Falls


20’ high Power Dam Falls is on the southern out-skirts of Santa Rosa City Limits.


beta facts:

name- Power Dam Falls

height- 20’

elevation- 4540’

GPS coordinates- 3455.598N 10440.826’W

flow- perennial fishing stream

season- anytime of year

accommodations- Hotels, hot tubs and color TV

ownership- public – city of Santa Rosa

access- a short walk

nearest town- this falls is “in town”…. Santa Rosa

fun fact- Santa Rosa is the city of natural lakes…!!!!!  Check out that map below…!!!!



essay bro:


Power Dam Falls is the outlet of Power Dam Lake… the outlet does not pour over a spillway, but rather it was diverted around the dam and allowed to gracefully fall over a natural sandstone out-cropping… so, yes this waterfall is “man-made” but it is beautiful.


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

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