Williams Falls

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Williams Falls (35’ high) is a backcountry jewel close to Taos Ski Valley... the photo below shows the cascades below the falls during high water.



Inspiring cascades tumble for another 100 feet below Williams Falls.  To visit this waterfall just park in the Williams Lake Trail head parking lot at the village of Taos Ski Valley. A sign will point the way for your 2¼-mile hike to Williams Lake.  The falls are on up the inlet creek another quarter of a mile above the lake.   Your time here will be spent in the shadow of Wheeler Peak 13,161’… New Mexico’s Highest.









Kachina Falls is a sweet little 15 foot high waterfall, under the chairlift, near the Williams Lake trail head.  A short climb will bring you to it as it appears in this photo to the right.  It drops over a natural outcrop that runs perpendicular to Kachina Creek.


Kachina Falls


beta facts:

name- Williams Falls

height- 35’

elevation- 11,200’

GPS coordinates- ±36°33.238’N 105°25.940’W

flow- perennial  

season- June thru Oct…  the early bird will fight snowdrifts but will see the best water-show 

accommodations- Wheeler Peak Wilderness

ownership- Carson National Forest

access- 2½ miles on trail #62 …a few hundred yards up stream from Williams Lake

nearest town- Taos Ski Valley is about 4 miles North of here

fun fact- …a popular beautiful place


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Enhanced USGS7.5’ topo map

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