South Elk Creek Falls

South Elk Creek is one of the waterfalling-est creeks I know of...!!!

This upper waterfall is 75’ high...


And these next falls are downstream

...a 25 footer


...and another 25 footer


South Elk Creek Water-slide is 40’ wide and 200’ long...!!!  *see this on Youtube:


...and a 20 footer...


...then 50’ high Middle South Elk Creek Falls...!!!


...and yet another 25 footer on downstream...


...finally ...finishing up with 40’ high Lower South Elk Creek Falls...!!!  all these wonderful waterfalls in two miles of stream...!!!


...and that’s not all ...there are more waterfalls on some tributaries within this same 2 miles. 18’ high falls up the creek above Duck Lake... with more and higher falls on up above this one.


100’ high Little South Elk Creek Falls has 2 tiers and is the highest waterfall we found on South Elk Creek.  It’s within sight and just north of Upper South Elk Creek Falls.



beta facts:

name- Upper South Elk Creek Falls

height- 75’ ...and several others near by

elevation- 11000’

GPS coordinates- ±37°06.127’N 106°27.277’W

flow- perennial

season- May thru Oct… earlier is better

accommodations- none

ownership- Rio Grande National Forest

access- 1˝ mile hike… the second half is off-trail

nearest town- Chama is about 15 miles south of here

fun fact- …a very short hike to very high country…!!!


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

Description: Description: Description: South Elk Creek Falls



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