Santa Barbara Falls

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Santa Barbara Falls is a tiered waterfall about 80 feet high.  All 3 tiers can be seen in this photo above. 



My friend Rooney at the 30 high lower tier of Santa Barbara Falls.



Santa Barbara Falls lower-most tier is a 30’ high beauty.


About 100 yards upstream from the 80 footer, is another waterfall - Middle Santa Barbara Falls – 2 tiers – 50’ high.



- enjoy photos of more Santa Barbara Falls at the bottom of this page


beta facts:

name- Santa Barbara Falls

type of waterfall- tiered waterfall with 3 tiers

height- 80’

...the creek in this gorge descends 600’ in one-third of a mile.

elevation- 10300’

GPS coordinates- ±35°59.719’N 105°36.432’W

flow- a fine cutthroat trout stream

season- summer and fall

accommodations- Pecos Wilderness

ownership- Carson National Forest

access- 2½ miles on trail #24 followed by 3½ miles on trail #25, then 1¾ miles following the stream on game trails

nearest town- Peñasco is about 15 miles north-northwest of here

fun fact- ...a very special place…!!!!


essay bro

The Rio Santa Barbara is a special jewel in New Mexico’s Crown.  The upper two forks of The West Fork Rio Santa Barbara are both fine trout streams equal in size.  Santa Barbara Falls are found on the “EAST” branch of The West Fork Rio Santa Barbara.  Please “right-click” “save-as” to print and use a copy of my map below.  The Forest Service Maps show the trail #25 incorrectly and they do not show the beautiful Santa Barbara Falls...!!!


Enhanced USGS 7.5’ topo map

______ONE MILE_____


These photos show the waterfalls that are just upstream from both the 80’ and the 50’ Santa Barbara Falls.


This 20’ falls is one of the small falls shown on the map above... also shown here is my right tenny shoe.



Another 20’ small falls within a torturous sculpted gorge



I couldn’t quite get this entire 30’ high, three-tiered (upper-most) Santa Barbara waterfall to fit in this photo.


Here’s a nearby waterfall on a side stream.


Cubby Hole Canyon Falls is about 25’ high.

...if you hike up that canyon you will see why we call it “Cubby Hole Canyon”.

You’ll find it on my topo above.


a side view of Cubby Hole Falls


...and another nearby waterfall on a side stream.


30’ high Falls is just over 100 yards northeast of Santa Barbara Falls.

Below is a side view of this same falls.


The Santa Barbara Falls area is extremely unique and wonderful...!!!



showing the splendid view of 12,841’ Chimayosos Mountain as you hike up West Fork Rio Santa Barbara Trail.


can you see why we call this Green Lake on our map above...?

and nearby San Leonardo Lakes have some of the largest perpetual snow-fields in New Mexico – photo August 2016


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