Upper Beaver Creek Falls

Upper Beaver Creek Falls is roughly 35’ high and very difficult to photograph without a sky-hook…!!!

I had to climb out onto the face a sheer cliffs to get this photo that doesn’t quite show the entire waterfall… but most of it.



beta facts:

name- Upper Beaver Creek Falls

height- 35 feet

elevation- 9950’

GPS coordinates- ±36°55.041’N 106°20.081’W

flow- perennial

season- summer and fall

accommodations- none - Cruses Basin Wilderness Area

ownership- Carson National Forest

access- see the map below

nearest town- Chama is about 15 miles west of here

fun fact- nobody visits this waterfall


essay bro

I accessed this waterfall from the west, parking at the Brazos Ridge Overlook Trailhead.  But the Cruses Basin Wilderness Area is fairly small and any trailhead will get you there.  Cruses Basin W A has no official trails.  However, trails are abundant there and always seem to go wherever you desire.  Cruses Basin is likely the least visited wilderness area in New Mexico.  I love it….!!!!


Upper Beaver Creek Falls is on the South Fork of Beaver Creek.  The trails shown on our map below are fairly descent trails, made and maintained by wildlife and cattle.  No human made trails exist within the wilderness area itself.


There is also a 25 foot high, quite steep, bedrock cascade downstream from Upper Beaver Creek Falls… maybe 50 yards or so… as well as another (30 foot high or more) cascade up near the Brazos Ridge Overlook parking…. On the Middle Fork Beaver Creek.



Right-click-save-as on our map below, to print your own “hand-held” copy for your hike

Enhanced USGS topo map


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