Brazos Falls


Brazos Falls…1,300 feet high in two tiers                             Brazos Falls lower tier


beta facts:

name- Brazos Falls

height- 1300’

elevation- between 8700 and 10,000 feet

GPS coordinates- 3645.000’N 10625.700’W

flow- gushes white and foamy in May and June.  The rest of the time it seeps, keeping the rock surface damp.

season- April 15 thru June 15

accommodations- Corkin’s Lodge… and hey, Color TV……!!!!!!!

ownership- private – Corkin’s Lodge

access- Drive up parking in front of your cabin.

nearest town- Chama is 16 miles north of here.

fun fact- Amazing beauty



essay bro:


Brazos falls is the highest waterfall in New Mexico.  Brazos Falls Creek, a tributary to the Brazos River, descends an amazing 2400 feet in its short 2-mile length.  1300 feet of this is near vertical.  “It’sa thousand foot falls,” say the locals… and I more than agree.  The top 800’ here are beautiful hanging falls.  These can be seen in the photograph (above – left).  With envy I have watched the rock-climbers… what wonderful views of the falls they must receive for their efforts… smile… 


I recommend a multi-day vacation at Corkin’s Lodge, as resorting here you will enjoy the beauty, accompanied with a peace – of – mind that trespassing can never afford.


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Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map



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