Bear Creek Cascades


...lotsa snow here in late may... but Bear Creek Cascades is a great water show this time of year.



these cascades below the falls are almost as nice as the falls...


beta facts:

name- Bear Creek Cascades

height- cascades, cataracts & falls are continuous for over 200’ elevation -highest single drop is 30’

elevation- 10,000’

GPS coordinates- 3638.718’N 10524.263’W

flow- perennial

season- May thru Oct… earlier is better

accommodations- none

ownership- Carson National Forest

access- about 2 miles of bushwhack

nearest town- Red River is about 5 miles north of here

fun fact- very few people ever visit this place because of access difficulty


essay bro

We park along the paved road about a half-mile south of Bear Creek and walk above the houses to Bear Canyon.  It’s alittle extra walking… but this country is worth the effort.


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

_______________ONE MILE_______________


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