Encino Falls

Highest waterfall in the Manzano Mountains

200 high Encino Falls is in the northwest portion of the Manzano Mountains. The dark lines down the white face of the granite show the wet flowing of perennial spring waters. Would it be nice to see this amazing waterfall flowing full during a wet spring from a heavy snow pack...!!!

AND...Climbers...just look at those fabulous rock faces...!!!


beta facts:

name- Encino Falls

height- 200

elevation- 7500

GPS coordinates- 3445.037N 10626.424W

flow- small but perennial spring flow

season- any

accommodations- None- Manzano Wilderness Area

ownership- Cibola National Forest

access- Mary will take you there, man just follow her!!!

nearest town- Truchas is about 10 miles west of here

fun fact- the white washed surface of the rock shows that at times... this waterfall flows full....! ! !


essay bro

Encino Falls is virtually unvisited-

This is a VERY difficult and gnarly place .....where I almost stepped on a four-foot long Blacktail Rattlesnake......! ! !


Trailhead parking is near: 3444.844N 10628.154W


Enhanced USGS topo map



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