New Mexico Waterfalls Photo Gallery

Some of New Mexico’s beautiful waterfalls

Brazos Falls, New Mexico’s highest, descends 1,300 feet in two tiers.


The deep sheer-walled gorge below Resumidero Falls is peaceful and quite secluded.

A forest service sign along forest road 93 in the northern Jemez Mountains identifies this falls.


About a mile below Resumidero Falls is 50-foot high Echo Falls.  Her brother Box Falls in the far upper left-hand corner above, is half her height.

Leaping over Echo Falls is the last thing Rito Resumidero does before it conflues with the Rio Puerco.


My daughter takes a breather before we climb out of Lichen Falls secret sheer-walled chamber.

This 60-foot high waterfall is on the Rio Puerco about a quarter of a mile upstream from Echo Falls.


50’ Battleship Falls of the southern Jemez Mountains is Amazing.


Falls #4 of Clear Creek in Cimarron Canyon State Park is a 35‘ high beauty


30’ high Maverick Falls is in Cimarron Canyon State Park


Beautiful White Creek Falls is 22 miles deep into the Gila Wilderness.  The black bedrock turns red at the bottom… nice.


WOW...!!! Sacaton Falls 300’ high is a splendor...!!! the high Mogollon Range...!!!


20’ high Gila Falls on the “West Fork” is 24 miles of foot-trail into the Wilderness… and not too far off the trail.



Falls Creek pours off the east slopes of Falls Creek Mountain over both “Upper and Lower” Falls Creek Falls in Santa Fe National Forest where no trails come near.


Fall Creek Falls drops over a 120’ high granite ledge on Fall Creek in the Lincoln National Forest far away from trails.


…well known Jemez Falls 50’ high


…a 75’ and a 100’ high drop of Nambe Falls


Puerco Falls is a “high one” and far from any trail.


Is that “people” up there on top of Sanchez Falls……!!!!



Pecos Falls is a bouncy 100’ footer with two tiers… but heavy dark timber makes photography less than complimentary



 Chimayosos Falls is a few trail miles west of Pecos Falls.


… a beautiful 60’ section of Upper Lost Creek Falls deep in the Wheeler Peak Wilderness and not too far off the trail.


 35’ Lower Lost Creek Falls



“Two Beautiful Waterfalls” on Rito Quemado in the Pecos Wilderness.  100 yards apart… these falls are about 30’ high each & are best to see in May.


John and Madison enjoy lunch deep in the Wheeler Peak Wilderness and not far off-trail, at 100’ high Wheeler Creek Falls.


This is the 35’ lower tier of an unknown waterfall... 80’ high Santa Barbara Falls in the Pecos Wilderness


Here the is 120’ high Columbine Cascade


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