Charette Falls

                                             This 20’ high sprinkle over mudstone is one of several Charette falls


beta facts:

name- Charette Falls

height- several falls up to 20’ high

elevation- 6400’

GPS coordinates- 3610.800’N 10447.640’W

flow- perennial spring flow

season- anytime

accommodations- outhouses at the lake above.

ownership- public – Charette Lakes State Park

access- A quarter mile climb/hike with no trail descends from a dirt road.

nearest town- Springer is 22 miles northeast of here.

fun fact- you will encounter no one on your hike.



essay bro:


Only in rare floods does any water ever flow thru the outlet of lower Charette Lake.   However a spring appears soon after the steep and severely eroded gully descends the rim of the Ocate Box Canyon.  This rivulet, Charette Creek leaps over many waterfalls on it’s way to Ocate Creek 400 feet below.  These are not the most beautiful falls on the farm… but All falling waters are ”good stuff” to me.


The Ocate Box Canyon looks like a great hike to me.  I enjoy strolling along its north rim.  It is much like the Rio Grande Gorge except it has way less water flowing and yet an abundance of more lush plant life.


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

one mile is represented by the thin red section lines above



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