Chavez Creek Falls

 Amazing 200’ high  Chavez Creek Falls... on the East Fork Chavez Creek.    

 photographer unknown logging inspector     ……1951



These photos show the “lower” of Chavez Creek’s 2 gorges... these falls are 40 to 50 feet high...  photographer unknown.

Chavez Creek also has similar gorges with waterfalls on it’s East Fork and West Fork.


...a smaller 20’ waterfall in the Chavez Creek Gorge... photographer unknown.


beta facts:

name- Chavez Falls... there are too many to count.

height- 200’

elevation-  9300 feet

GPS coordinates- 3646.177’N 10627.232’W

flow- perennial

season- beautiful all year long but gushes in May.

accommodations- no trespassing

ownership- private land NO TRESPASSING


nearest town- Chama is 16 miles north of here.

fun fact- Amazing beauty…. If you are a millionaire


essay bro:


Chavez Creek with all its forks and their box canyons have many wonderful waterfalls.  However it is private land that is a subdivision of 40-acre lots selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars each.  This makes enjoying these falls really simple…. Just buy one of those wonderful lots and take a hike to see the falls.  It’s easy.


See also: Brazos Falls

Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map


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