Cumbres Falls

Cumbres Falls is a tiered-cascade type waterfall that descends about 100 feet elevation over conglomerate bedrock.

This photo was taken October first 2010... a dry autumn.  I have seen this waterfall gush all white and foamy during late May.



Wolf Cr Canyon lo 

Up stream about a third of a mile above the train tracks is a 100’ high monolith out cropping of conglomerate rock.  This marks the Wolf Creek Cascades.  The bright yellow aspen grove marks the canyon that holds Cumbres Falls.


beta facts:

name- Cumbres Falls

height- 100’

type of waterfall- a tiered-cascade

elevation- 10,000’

GPS coordinates- ±37°01.527’N 106°28.227’W

flow- perennial

season-May thru Oct …earlier is better

accommodations- none

ownership- Rio Grande National Forest

access- 1¾ mile hike... half trail... half old hard –to-follow old trail or “route”

nearest town- Chama NM is about 10 miles southwest of here

fun fact- this is my favorite country


essay bro

There are two ways to hike into this waterfall.  Either walk the RR Tracks and continue up the canyon on game trails …or hike the Colorado Continental Divide Trail and drop into the falls from above.  Please feel free to right-click-save-as my map below and print yourself a hard copy to carry with you.


Enhanced USGS 7.5’ topo map

Thin red lines above are one-mile squares


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