Chama Canyon Wilderness

This 60’ high seeping waterfall is at the headwall of Potrero Canyon.  Notice the enormous block of ice that I am

standing by to the right of the falls.  This ice is formed by a spring that makes it’s own 18’ high waterfall.  This

block of ice does not melt until June.  The winters build up of ice that was in the main falls got melted by the

flowing water of spring run-off in Potrero Canyon.  The slot canyon above this falls is shoulder width…!!!!


There are many waterfalls within Chama Canyon Wilderness.  Most of them are dry pour-overs that only flow during heavy rains.  Some of them flow continually because of being fed by a perennial spring.  Seeping Falls in Potrero Canyon is perennial.  However the flow is quite small.  If you visit there, be prepared for deep mud as you will be hiking up a flowing creek bed of red chama clay “stick-to-your-shoes” gumbo.  These large boulders I am standing on in the photo above are alabaster.


Near by Presa Canyon which is not shown on my map below, has two very impressive dry pour-overs and a “shoulder-width” slot canyon…..!!!!!!!!!!! 


Enhanced USGS 7.5’ topo map



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