Potato Slot Falls

Potato Falls in the North Fork Potato Canyon is a 30 high waterfall with 2 tiers. Corey Norman is rappelling the upper 10 tier on the left and the lower 20 tier on the right.


The bedrock here looks to be a brittle vertical cleaving slate... extra beautiful. Notice the cascading water-flow... this is just downstream from the high waterfall.


beta facts:

name- Potato Slot Falls

height- 30 with 2 tiers- a 10 tier & a 20 tier

elevation- 7500

GPS coordinates- 3353.268N 10727.136W

flow- perennial

season- spring, summer and fall

accommodations- none Withington Wilderness

ownership- Cebola National Forest

access- from Forest Road 56

nearest town- Magdalena is about 20 miles northeast of here

fun fact- this place is beyond the booneys!!!


essay bro

The water flow here is tiny, but we were surprised to find perennial water flowing here during this extremely dry year April 16, 2018.


Enhanced USGS topo map


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