Cañada del Borracho

ACA Canyon Rating – 2C II


The waterfall here is about 30’ high in two tiers and is shown in both photos, above and below

Below the waterfall is a nice slot canyon requiring either mandatory swims or extreme climb-arounds


...another slot canyon is upstream a quarter-mile –see the map below:

Below a 15’ high waterfall- this slot canyon is leaning....! ! !  which will you choose, a swim or a serious climb-around....? ? ?

....another shot of the upper slot canyon

Both the upper and lower portions of Cañada del Borracho are a little canyons... the upper box ends with this 5’ high waterfall



beta facts:

name- Cañada del Borracho =in English- Large Canyon of the Drunkard

length of slot canyon- one and one-third mile

elevation- 8140’at the top down to 7740’at the bottom

GPS coordinates- ±36°29.201’N 106°10.184’W at the top and ±36°29.110’N 106°08.997’W at the lower end

flow- perennial

season to visit- May has the best water flow

ownership- Carson National Forest

access- is from Forest Road #44…to 106A - see the map below

nearest town- Vallecitos is about 2 miles east of here

fun fact- this place has amazing beauty and remote-ness for being so close to a town.... and it is extremely unknown and rarely visited....! ! !


essay bro

Parking is very close and handy for visiting this amazing place and the water gets quite low to a trickle by mid-summer and thru the fall.  Four separate slot and/or box canyons here have more open forested canyons between them....and very few visitors come here, so the under-brush is quite thick.  Let’s visit here more often and get a trail going...!!!



The Red Lines depict sections of “slot and/or box canyons”                      Private land is shown in grey


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