Sitting Bull Falls & Last Chance Falls


   130 foot high Sitting Bull Falls                                                                    White Oaks Canyon Natural Arch and Falls


Sitting Bull Falls is the pride of southeast New Mexico.  A few miles north of Carlsbad on US HWY 285 you will find   highway 137 heading west to Sitting Bull Falls… just follow the signs to a real New Mexico “delite”… a refreshing oasis in the desert.  Your travel will be on paved roads all the way… AND this is a very “worth-it” destination.


If you are a more “rugged-sort” you can take a narrow, primitive road that heads west about one mile north of Sitting Bull Falls.  Driving quits and trekking begins in about a half of a mile.  This is Last Chance Canyon Trail #226 which is a real paradise paralleling a flowing stream.  About a mile and a half west of your parked vehicle is a natural arch at the top of a 70’ high sheer canyon wall on your left.  White Oaks Creek, when it has water, flows over a 70’ high, sheer waterfall which pours thru the opening of this natural arch…!!!  Beautiful…!!!  Another usually dry falls about 50’ high is found a third of a mile farther up White Oaks Canyon.


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

one mile is shown by each red line square



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