Anyone who chooses to visit any waterfall of any kind, anywhere or any said waterfall should be careful.  Planet Earth is dangerous... in fact... the entire universe is sketchy... so please be careful.


Whether any waterfall you visit is one mentioned in this book or... even if it is just a said waterfall, be careful anyway, just in case.


Every waterfall observer should wear three rock climber’s helmets and at least two whitewater kayak helmets while hiking to and/or observing any

waterfall.  I also suggest that one large commercial-sized downy-feather pillow be bungie-strapped to each kneecap.  Then... even tho I do not do it myself... I strongly suggest that a king-sized box spring mattress be securely duct-taped to your rear-end.


Be also advised to bring along 4 or 5 outdoor safety manuals, unless perhaps you have your lap-top along, then of course all cyber-world will be at your finger tips via satellite connection.


Beware of slippery or loose rocks... ah... er... they are everywhere.  I don’t believe I have ever seen a waterfall that didn’t have a few of these exact kind of rocks nearby. 


And... er... lemme see here... ah... er... Oh yes...!!! age...!!!  Young age humans and old age human beings should never observe any waterfall at any time.  Waterfalls are just simply no place for them to be for any reason, even a reason as legitimate as enjoyment.


Waterfalls are too dangerous really for anyone to ever visit, so I suggest that you just buy my book and read it at home.  Publishing this book in no way implies that anyone should ever see, visit or observe any waterfall mentioned here-in.


There-to-fore, here-two-with and explicitorriterially said four-mentioned thus and thus hence too-fourth - please be careful...!!!


Ah... you know... I do try to keep aware of rattlesnakes and predators and flashfloods... and I try not to fall...  BE CAREFUL hey!!!



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