The Fletchado Canyon Waterfalls


Fletchado Creek has numerous free falling spills, cascades and cataracts of all types


beta facts:

name- The Fletchado Canyon Waterfalls

height- 20’ or so…

elevation- 8000’

GPS coordinates- 3609.160’N 10532.290’W

flow- nice perennial mountain stream

season- spring, summer and fall

accommodations- nearby small towns and campgrounds

ownership- public – Carson National Forest

access- a half-mile hike from State Hwy 518.

nearest town- Sipapu is across the highway.

fun fact- fletchado means, “shot with arrows”



essay bro:


Fletchado Canyon near Sipapu is laced with rushing waterfalls.  No single drop exceeds 20 feet in height.  However some of them connect end to end to form contentious whitewater foam for a hundred feet and more.  Forest Trail #7 climbs steep and quickly above state hwy #518.  The highest cascades cannot be seen from the trail… but by bush whacking only.


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

thin red section lines above represent miles



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