­­Mary’s Waterfall


mother nature has decorated “Mary’s Waterfall”  with Columbine and Indian Paintbrush


beta facts:

name- Mary’s Waterfall

height- Mary says, “just right”

elevation- Mary says, “pretty high up”

GPS coordinates- Mary didn’t say

flow- perennial

season- summer and fall

accommodations- Pecos Wilderness Area

ownership- Carson National Forest

access- Mary will take you there, man… just follow her…!!!

nearest town- Truchas is about 10 miles west of here

fun fact- Mary is willing to share her waterfall, but you hafta hunt to find it and her both.


essay bro

check out Mary’s website: http://www.newmexicowilderness.org/home


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map


…remember, I said Mary can take you there… you don’t need a map…!!!

 she says it is up the North Fork of the Rio San Leonardo 


I enjoyed this original webpage so much... that I just must leave it up.  Unfortunately, Mary does not host wilderness experiences anymore, but she does do ware-able art and still lives at the boundary of New Mexico’s amazing Pecos Wilderness.  see: www.motherspirit.us  


I recently hiked into Mary’s Waterfall and San Leonardo Lakes - here are my photos and notes:

I appreciate Mary sharing her waterfall with me and you... it is a sweet little waterfall maybe 16’ high with a couple tiers and a big old knarlly tree stump at it’s base

...and below is Brian standing among the falls of what we call San Leonardo Cascades



This next photo below is Mary’s Cathedral which is known publicly as “San Leonardo Lake”, and the largest fields of perpetual snow in New Mexico…!!!     Photo: August 2016

And finally Little San Leonardo Lake – unfortunately these two amazing lakes have no trout – but they are beautiful


right-click-save-as our map and print yourself a hard copy to take with you on your hike



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