Ramah Falls AKA- “The Falls”… as well as Cebolla Creek Falls



beta facts:

name- Ramah Falls …AKA- “The Falls” …AKA- Cebolla Creek Falls

height- many waterfalls here up to 25’ high

elevation- 7300’

GPS coordinates- 3512.467’N 10826.581’W

flow- good during wet years and good during wet seasons of other years

season- spring is best and late summer rainy season is often good… April and August are best

accommodations- not much around… better bring your own

ownership- Cibola National Forest

access- easy no-trail hike near forest road 157

nearest town- Ramah is about 6 miles SW of here

fun fact- …a very beautifully sculpted bedrock creek bed


essay bro

Wikimedia desribes and lists this place as “Ramah Falls”.  These waterfalls are wonderful …when they have water.  They are sculpted with curves, circles and deep potholes.  This is a  one-mile stretch of continuous waterfalls.  It is largely private land.  Please respect ALL PRIVATE LAND whether it is posted or not...!!! 


Some of these land owners have contacted me with legitament concerns of litter.  Please respect the earth and DO NOT TRASH IT...!!!!!


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map


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