Bull Creek Falls


......40’ high Bull Creek Falls has 2 tiers of 20’ high each......

...and downstream a short ways is this delightful 8’ high waterfall shown in the photo below

This falls amazed me that it appears so full, white and wide... for such a small stream.  How can this small amount of flowing water look so big and full- 8’ high and 30’ wide...it is very special...! ! !


beta facts:

name- Bull Creek Falls

height- 40’ w/ 2 tiers

elevation- 8250’

GPS coordinates- ±35°36.720’N 105°32.927’W

flow- perennial

season- the month of May is best... as soon as the forest roads open in the spring but later is okay too...

accommodations- none

ownership- Santa Fe National Forest

access- Santa Fe Forest Road 203

nearest town- Pecos is about 8 miles west of here

fun fact- This is a very special place that I plan to return to often


essay bro

Forest Road 203 is a rough road for being a 2WD road.  Often there are many mud puddles and some of them are a foot or more deep, but most of them have bedrock under them and are not as difficult as they appear.  ±35°36.019’N 105°32.627’W is the GPS cords at where a 4WD road climbs up to the left of FR 203.  I park here and hike this 4WD road over to the hill above the 8’ falls.  It is obvious that others drive the 4WD road.  The climb down from the 4WD road to the 8’ falls is steep but a very do-able and I think it is a fairly easy off-trail descent.  The GPS cords for dropping down from the 4WD road are near: ±35°37.964’N 105°32.583’W –see map below.


This area is a favorite of mine and I wonder if Bull Creek ever goes dry here.  I think not and I hope not.  I plan to return to Bull Creek Falls quite often.  There are great over-nite camp-sites here.  You should also plan to visit 300’ high Brazel Cascades while you are in this area.  It is a short easy one mile walk up Rito Ruidoso from where FR 203 crosses it. –see map below.


2 other, small waterfalls are marked on this map below... do you think they really do exist...?  hmmmm..... I wonder.......


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Enhanced USGS topo map


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