Cow Creek Falls

30’ Cow Creek Falls ….after the fire.


beta facts:

name- Cow Creek Falls

height- 30’

elevation- 9300’

GPS coordinates- 3543.470’N 10535.440’W

flow- nice trout stream

season- summer and fall… earlier is better

accommodations- lots and lots of charred logs

ownership- Santa Fe National Forest

access- 3-mile hike mostly down an old closed logging road

nearest town- hmmm…. That is a good question…???  …maybe Pecos some 20 miles SW of here

interesting fact- this must have been a way-good, beautiful place before the huge forest fire


essay bro:

The Santa Fe National Forest map lists the road into upper Cow Creek as #639… but up on the mountain the sign calls it #92… the same as #92… the road that you turn off of… whatever….???


I think Elk Creek might have a waterfall as well.


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

__________one mile___________


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