Chino Falls

  Chino Falls     Chino Fall

Chino Canyon’s tiny tumbling spring flow dances over several waterfalls and cascades 10 to 20 feet high... but it likely runs dry during dry times.


beta facts:

name- Chino Falls

height- many falls and cascades here… up to 20’ high

elevation- 8400’

GPS coordinates- ±36°57.194’N 106°06.025W

flow- small

season- late spring is best

accommodations- outhouses are on the state lands along the Los Piños River

ownership- public – State of New Mexico and Carson National Forest

access- ¼ mile hike

nearest town- Ortiz, Colorado is shown on the map below.

fun fact- we saw lots of wildlife… 30 elk and a dozen antelope above Chino Canyon.



essay bro:


We wanted to catch these waterfalls at their best.  So we paddled a raft across the flooding Los Piños in order to access Chino Falls in late April.  However these falls can be accessed from the south on forest lands.  Check your Carson National Forest map.


Enhanced USGS 7.5’ topo map




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