Beaver Creek Falls


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beta facts:

name- Beaver Creek Falls

height- There are many waterfalls here up to 35’ high.

elevation- 9000’

GPS coordinates- ±36°56.737’N 106°16.535’W

flow- a very healthy perennial trout stream… 25 to 350 cfs

season- july thru October.  Spring run-off high water is extremely dangerous…!!!!!!

accommodations- none… Cruses Basin Wilderness

ownership- public – Carson National Forest

access- see story below

nearest town- Tres Piedras is about 40 miles away to the southeast

fun fact- …might wanna bring rain protection.



essay bro:


Every time I try to count the waterfalls in the Beaver Creek Box Canyon… I loose count, as there are too many to keep track of.  Beaver Creek Box is an extremely unique place.  The whole world is tipped up on end here… everything is vertical.  Nothing is horizontal.  Beaver Creek drops over 500 feet in less than a quarter of a mile.  Falls, falls, falls and each one is individually different from the others.  You will find this north-central New Mexico dreamland in the Cruses Basin Wilderness of Carson National Forest, hard to the Colorado border.


The Desired trailhead is reached by taking US hwy 285 about 11 miles north of Tres Piedras, NM.  Then west on forest road 87 for 23 miles and north 2 miles on forest road 572.  After descending the Osha Creek trail from your car to Beaver Creek, you will be forced to use random game trails making your way downstream to the falls.  Solitude exists because a trail doesn’t.  I have caught more trout here in less time than anywhere I have ever been.  Unfortunately the Eastern Brook Trout enjoys total domination over the native Rio Grande Cutthroats.  I visit these waterfalls often.


Enhanced USGS 7.5’ topo map


The thin red lines above represent one mile squares.



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