Dalton Falls

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Dalton Falls is only about 5 feet high but this is an extra beautiful hike and drive.  Forest Road #123A has a left-hand fork that drives directly into the waters of upper Dalton Creek.  This road is over 6 miles long and continually get worse as it goes.  Dalton Falls pictured above is a short quarter-mile bushwhach upstream from the roads end.  These waterfalls are not perennial.


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This un-named 30 foot high waterfall is upstream from the end of the road about a quarter-mile, via a beautiful alpine-sheer-walled-canyon hike.

Dos Gigantes looks to be a fine rock climbing area.


see: Dalton Falls below and check out those other falls… some have not been field confirmed.  Please visit and document them and share them with us…!!!

Dalton-Macho-Pecos Area




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