Manzano Falls

Manzano Falls is over 100 high and has 3 tiers. This photo shows the 40 high lower tier during the drought of 2013. I hope to see it some day soon when it has higher water flow. Unfortunately the middle tier was dry, but I could hear water gurgling behind the rocks. A 35 high upper tier appears in the photo below...and I could see another smaller tier above, but I was pushing sundown and felt I could not continue any farther.



beta facts:

name- Manzano Falls

height- 100+ feet

elevation- 8000

GPS coordinates- 3434.599N 10626.593W

flow- perennial spring fed

season- Easter to Thanksgiving

ownership- Cibola National Forest

access- see essay bro... below

nearest town- this falls is 13-miles west of Mountainair as the birds fly...

fun fact- ...this is very hard to get to, but its a goodern...!!!


essay bro

Hike a couple hundred yards up Pine Shadow Trail #170A. After crossing the usually dry creek bed, turn north a half-mile or more on an old unmarked trail. This trail is not too bad. When this trail dead ends, drop into the creek bed and hack your way up to the Falls. The left-hand side of the waterfall is climb-able to access above. This place is quite impressive.


Enhanced USGS 7.5 topo map

the thin, dotted red section lines above show one mile squares


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