Pee Pee Falls

Pee Pee Falls

Pee Pee Falls pours over a 30 foot high sheer cliff and splashes directly into the Gila River... neat huh…???

Pee Pee Fall

The top 10 feet slides steeply down a groove in the bedrock while the lower 20 feet is air-born.


beta facts:

name- Pee Pee Falls

height- 30 feet high

elevation- about 5000’

GPS coordinates- 33°04.043’N 108°24.826’W

flow- perennial – spring fed

season- anytime

accommodations- Gila Wilderness

ownership- Gila National Forest

access-  8 miles or more hiking up the Gila River Trail from Turkey Creek Trailhead... or Floating the Gila River

nearest town- Silver City is about 24 miles south of here

fun fact- looks like a giant is going pee pee into the river….!!!!!!


essay bro

We have paddled our canoes directly under this waterfall... and got sprinkled several times thru the years…!!!  Sometimes floods move the riverbed away from ...and then back to this waterfall.


Enhanced USGS 7.5’ topo map


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