Brazel Falls


Brazel Falls slides down a 300’ high steeply sloped granite wall.


beta facts:

name- Brazel Falls

height- 300’

elevation- 8800’

GPS coordinates- 3536.540 10531.545’W

flow- small spring flow

season- summer and fall… earlier is better

accommodations- none

ownership- Santa Fe National Forest

access- a one-mile hike from where forest road #203 crosses Rita Ruidoso

nearest town- Pecos is 16 miles west of here

fun fact- a mammoth, hard rock granite outcropping


essay bro:

A legal way into Falls Creek Falls is to continue to the end of even the jeep road portion of forest road #203.  Then a three-mile hike dropping down into Falls Creek Canyon will bring you to Falls Creek Falls.  This will not be easy because there is no trail.  Please make a copy of my map below and enjoy using it.


See also: Falls Creek Falls

Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

____________one mile___________


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