El Salto (Spanish… The Falls)


   El Salto Falls #1 is most downstream… 50’ high       #2 is about 150 feet high                   #3 falls about 80 feet in consecutive cascades.



   #4drops about100 ’with the bottom 40’ sheer       #5 is the highest… about 200 feet                        #6 drops about 40 feet



   #7 descends over 100’ in 5 separate drops     #8 photo is unavailable                         #9 falls 30 feet in 2 parts


beta facts:

name- El Salto Falls

height- The highest is #5 at about 200’

elevation- 9000’

GPS coordinates- 3632.000’N 10532.100’W

flow- perennial spring flow

season- anytime but you might need snowshoes in the winter.

accommodations- none

ownership- private

access- 100-yard hike to the first falls from the end of the dirt road where you park.

nearest town- Arroyo Seco is a couple miles southwest of here.

fun fact- These are very high and beautiful waterfalls.



essay bro:


El Salto Creek above Arroyo Seco, NM about 7 miles north of Taos, owns as grand of a collection of waterfalls as you will find anywhere.  All nine falls are on private land.  Permits to visit cost $4 per person and are convenient to obtain at a blue house on your left as you ascend the road east of Arroyo Seco.  You will see a large sign near the road in front of this house describing the permits.  Stop and GET A PERMIT.  These folks own a piece of beautiful New Mexico and they are kind enough to share it with us.  Pay the small fee, obey their rules, DO NOT TRASH THE PLACE and enjoy the falls.


I had always heard that there were seven falls… but I found nine… and who knows, maybe you will find more.


A nice, obvious but unmarked trail leads about a hundred yards from where you park to the first falls.  The hearty sort can scramble their way up to the left of these first falls and a small trail leads to the second falls… from there… ah… er… you are kind of on your own.  This is a special place… a shining jewel in the Taos area’s crown.


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

one mile = approximately2.5 inches



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