Pajarito Falls


Pajarito Falls


Hiking the Blue Dot Trail in Whiterock, NM is the only way to see Pajarito Falls.  The Blue Dot Trail descends 1000 feet from the rim of Whiterock Canyon to the Rio Grande.  The falls are a couple hundred yards above Pajarito Creek’s confluence with the Rio.  Pajarito Falls is only head high but is part of a fine hike.  Several refreshing cascades sing and laugh their way down steep rocky slopes a half mile above the falls at Pajarito Springs.


Trails on the map below are shown with purple lines.  The Blue Dot trailhead parking and the Red Dot trailhead parking are each identified with a big black X.  Notice that a complete circle… a round trip hike can be enjoyed here.  Make a loop hike beginning and ending in the same spot.  I believe that the people of Los Alamos and Whiterock are New Mexico’s hiking-est peoples… join them.


*Sorry, Blue Dot Trail and Red Dot Trail are switched wrong with each other,we will correct this asap-

Enhanced USGS 7.5’ topo map




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