Palociento Falls

Palociento Falls drops about 20’ with two tiers


Photos of more waterfalls also nearby on Palociento Creek appear below the map


beta facts:

name- Palociento Falls



GPS coordinates- ±36°14.828’N 105°25.734’W


season- late May has the most water flow but anytime is okay

accommodations- none

ownership- public – Carson National Forest

access-  3½-mile hike from the upper Pot Creek Trailhead and just over 4-miles from the lower Pot Creek Trailhead

nearest town- Taos is about 16-miles northwest of here

fun fact- The Pot Creek Road has been closed now for maybe 15 years and beaver dams are now 6-feet high and full of big trout…!!!


essay bro

I do not know why it has taken so long for me to finally hike up Palociento Creek… ah… er… my radar has told me for years now that there were waterfalls up there.  I just visited there for my first time in mid-November 2012 …and it is wonderful country.  I returned June, 2013


Enhanced United States Geological Survey 7.5’ topo map



Photos of more waterfalls also on Palociento Creek

This beautiful, two-tiered, 15’ high cascade is on Palociento Creek, downstream but close to the other waterfalls


This 7-footer is upstream a short ways from the other waterfalls, shown here with Nov ice


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