East Fork Jemez Box Falls

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E Fork Jemez Box Falls

In two drops East Fork Jemez Box Falls descends about 20 feet


beta facts:

name- East Fork Jemez Box Falls

height- 20’ in two drops

elevation- 8000’

GPS coordinates- ±35°49.555’N 106°34.189’W

flow- strong trout stream

season- spring, summer and fall

accommodations- near by forest campgrounds

ownership- Santa Fe National Forest

access- almost 2 miles of hiking

nearest town- - Jemez Springs is 16 miles southwest of here

fun fact- There are more falls upstream… deep into the sheer-wall East Fork Jemez Box Canyon…dangerous swim-hike?



essay bro:

These waterfalls can be accessed from three directions.  Please feel free to make a copy of my map below and use it.

I prefer to hike the Los Conchos Trail …from the top, hiking downstream…notice he red parking at the far right side of the map below.  When the Los Conchos Trail climbs up out of the canyon…just continue on downstream without any trail, but you will get your feet wet.  This is wonderful canyoneering…!!!!

Plan a full day for this amazing hike.

Also, you might want to check your Santa Fe National Forest map as well.


Parking on the downstream end of this hike has changed since this map below was made…you must park a quarter-mile farther east than the map says.  Park up the hill at the Jemez Falls Sign. There were so many auto accidents down at the old river parking area, that it has been closed.


(see also Jemez Falls and Battleship Falls)


Enhanced USGS 7.5’ topo map

East Fork Jemez Box Falls



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