Two Beautiful Waterfalls

The best time to visit these falls is in May when the water flow is high...!!!

2 Beautifu Falls Uplo   2 beautiful Falls Uplo

This is two different views of the upper of the “Two Beautiful Waterfalls” …it is 35’ high.


2 Beautiful Fall Lowerlo   2 Beautifu Falls Lowerlo

This is two different views of the lower of the “Two Beautiful Waterfalls” …it is 35’ high.


beta facts:

name- Two Beautiful Waterfalls

height- 35’ high each


GPS coordinates- ±35°58.710’N 105°48.335’W …lower falls

flow- perennial stream

season- They are best in May

accommodations- none… these falls are within the Pecos Wilderness

ownership- Santa Fe National Forest

access- 1¼- mile bushwhack or Trail 150 for a mile then a ½ mile bushwhack

nearest town- Cordova is about 6 miles northwest of here

fun fact- NOBODY visits this place


essay bro

The Spanish language is a very special language, much more descriptive than English.  In my opinion Spanish expresses deep-feelings and is more connected to our mother earth.


When an area has been burned, like this area, which has survived several forest fires thru the years,… we in English say, “This area has been burned.”  Or perhaps we might say, “Hey! there has been a forest fire here.”   In contrast the Spanish language has a word for this situation.  Quemado… a place that has been burned…  Nice.


However… this presents a problem…!!!  These two beautiful waterfalls are on a creek named Rito Quemado.  The word Quemado describes one of New Mexico’s most famous waterfalls, 130’ high Quemado Falls, which is very nearby.  I asked Jason, who was babysitting me the day we found these two beautiful waterfalls, “What do we call ‘em?  We can’t use the word Quemado for these two beautiful waterfalls because that will create chaos.  They will be confused with nearby Quemado Falls.  What word or words can we use to refer to these two beautiful waterfalls…???”


I like the name “Two Beautiful Waterfalls” …you can call them what ever you would like.


This is a very special place hey… but you must be quite good at field reading topos… and willing to scramble.


Enhanced USGS 7.5’ topo map

_________ONE MILE_________


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