Encarnacion Falls Spanish/English = Incarnation


Encarnacion Canyon has many waterfalls.  Above is a 5 footer and a 25 footer.



A high sheer sandstone wall runs along Encarnacion Creek’s west side about a mile above its confluence with Navajo River.  This “spring-flow” side canyon pictured above, joins Encarnacion Creek   from the west and pours over this 50’ high waterfall.


beta facts:

name- Encarnation Falls …Spanish/English translation is Incarnation

height- numerous waterfalls along this creek.  I have seen some up to 50’ high

elevation- 7300’

GPS coordinates- 3659.205’N 10700.332’W …this is the approximate location of the 25 footer

flow- is strong in the spring during snow-melt and fairly reliable most anytime

season- May is best

accommodations- nearby Dulse has everything you need

ownership- Jicarilla Apache Nation

access- a 2 mile bushwhack

nearest town- Dulse is about 5 miles south of here

fun fact- very, very few people ever visit this place


essay bro

The upper reaches of Encarnacion Canyon are on public land, BLM.  Notice in the far upper right-hand corner of the map below, a piece of a BLM road that is open to the public.  This is a good access from Montezuma Canyon in Colorado to upper Encarnacion Canyon and Archuleta Mesa Lookout tower.  However most of the waterfalls are on Jicarilla Apache Land.


I find the Jicarilla Apache Nation to be very hospitable and kind.  Check in at their office in Dulse and purchase a permit to picnic or even campout.  I find their backcountry extremely enjoyable.


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

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