Wishbone Falls

Wishbone Falls pours over a high cliff, a half a mile up Wishbone Canyon, a tributary of the Gila River within the Gila Wilderness


,,,it is very rare that a visitor stands by the showered rock at the base of Wishbone Falls   -Andrew Monie Photos


beta facts:

name- Wishbone Falls

height- 80 to 100 feet estimate

elevation- 5350’

GPS coordinates- ±33°04.916’N 108°25.805’W

flow- perennial

season- most of the year, but spring may be best if the Gila River is not too high for hiking upstream

accommodations- none… wilderness

ownership- Gila National Forest / Gila Wilderness

access- is in on Turkey Creek Road 155 and hike 5.4 miles up the Gila River on Trail 724 –then a trail-less half mile north/up Wishbone Canyon to the falls

nearest town- Cliff and Gila are about 14 miles southwest of here

fun fact- ...you found a goodern Andrew



essay bro:

Andrew Monie is a Fisheries Biologist for New Mexico State Dept of Game and Fish.  He found Wishbone Falls while inspecting Wishbone Canyon for possible fish habitat.  He found it to have perennial flow but quite difficult and expensive to stock.


Enhanced USGS 7.5’ topo map



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