Hyde Park Falls

50’ high Hyde Falls in Hyde State Park north of Santa Fe… notice 2 people sitting at the base of the waterfall, which shows how large this waterfall is


-These photos were shot in late May of 2019-


40’ high Upper Hyde Falls is found a quarter-mile upstream.  Traces of the old trail occasionally appear along the way.



beta facts:

name- Hyde Creek Falls

height- 50 & 40 feet

elevation- 8900’ and 9300’

GPS coordinates- ± 35.7359558 -105.829882

flow- perennial although late summer and fall becomes a small trickle

season- May is best

accommodations- nearby Hyde State Park has everything

ownership- Santa Fe National Forest

access- is up the Falls Trail in Hyde State Park north of Santa Fe

nearest town- Santa Fe is about 15 miles northwest of here

fun fact- during the month of May these waterfalls flow really nice, white and frothy…!!!


essay bro

A half-mile hike up the Falls Trail in Hyde State Park will bring you up Hyde Creek to 50’ high Hyde Falls.  Another half-mile bushwhack upstream will take you to 40’ high Upper Hyde Falls.  See Hyde Falls near the bottom of our map below.


Right-click-save-as on our map below, to print your own “hand-held” copy for your hike

 Enhanced USGS topo map


The thin red lines on the map above show one mile section lines to scale with


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