Jemez Falls


   Jemez Falls is 50 feet high                                        Small but pretty Upper Jemez Falls   see more about Bonita Falls on it’s page


beta facts:

name- Jemez Falls

height- 50’

elevation- 7800’

GPS coordinates- 3548.740’N 10636.415’W

flow- full-sized trout stream

season- May thru October

accommodations- forest service campground

ownership- public – Santa Fe National Forest

access- a quarter mile trail from paved campground road

nearest town- Jemez Springs is 13 miles southwest of here

fun fact- walk an extra mile downstream and see several more nice waterfalls.



essay bro:


You will see the sign for Jemez Falls Campground along Highway 4 half way between the towns of Los Alamos and Jemez Springs.  This is the heart of the Jemez Mountains in Santa Fe National Forest.  Jemez Falls descends about 50 feet of volcanic bedrock.  Upper Jemez Falls is a couple hundred yards upstream.  Several other wonderful falls await your admiration below Jemez Falls.  Like all of New Mexico high elevation, forested mountain areas, the Jemez River flows full in April and May while frozen in snow pack from Thanksgiving thru Easter.


(see also East Fork Jemez Box Falls and Battleship Falls)


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

the thin red section lines above represent one mile



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