Timberline Falls

This is one of my favorite waterfalls...

...and this below is the amazing setting it is in, as seen in June, from Lake Fork Peak


...and more falls above...



beta facts:

name- Timberline Falls

height- 100 or more...

elevation- 11500

GPS coordinates- 3632.360N 10527.500W

flow- perennial

season- June is best, but good thru October.

accommodations- none its wilderness

ownership- Carson National Forest Wheeler Peak Wilderness

access- there is no easy way into this place

nearest town- Arroyo Seco is about 7 miles west of here

fun fact- I like this one



essay bro

There is no easy way into this place... isnt that beautiful that there are places like this still around...???

...good luck.

Timberline Falls is near the bottom of this map


Enhanced USGS 7.5 topo map


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