Falls Gulch Falls


beta facts:

name- Falls Gulch Falls

height- 100 feet in two drops

elevation- 6800’

GPS coordinates- 3306.635’N 10746.100’W

flow- small – all year, perennial spring feed

season- March and April of wet years flow white and frothy

accommodations-  none… Aldo Leopold Wilderness

ownership- public – Gila National Forest

access- 3.5-mile hike with a 300’ descent followed by a 400’ ascent

nearest town- Winston 24 miles to the north-northeast via forest rd 157 (all dirt)

fun fact- this is a dynamite mountain bike trip… but ditch your bike… the last mile is wilderness…!!!



essay bro:


To visit Falls Gulch Falls…. You gotta wanna see it really bad.  First of all the town of Winston is way out there passed no-mans land.  It’s maybe 50 miles northeast of Truth or Consequences on a very slow, narrow highway that is fully stocked with sharp curves… Then 24 miles of rumpy-bumpy dirt road plus a 3.5-mile hike.  My trip in here brought the “Beatles” last song to mind… It’s a long and winding road…. that leads to this falls.


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map



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