Milkranch Falls

50’ high Milkranch Falls near Silver City


beta facts:

name- Milkranch Falls upper and lower

height- the upper and lower falls are both 50’ high

elevation- 6750’

GPS coordinates- 3251.580’N 10802.560’W

flow- milkranch spring flow goes dry during dry times 

season- March and July/August… only during wet times

accommodations- none

ownership- public – Gila National Forest

access- a mile hike on old jeep road then on a nice flat creek bed after a 4-mile gravel road that turns into a jeep road

nearest town- Hanover is 7 miles SW of here

fun fact- yeah, this falls does go dry… but it is WAY COOL….!!!! And it is a DOUBLE FALLS



essay bro:

Milkranch…. What a name.  Somebody is going to have to ask the local Silver City Museum about where this name came from.  Right near Milkranch Spring, which is shown on the map below, there is some ruins of an old homestead.  Maybe they had a ranch with milk cows.


Anyway this is a way cool place and these are really amazing waterfalls.  It is just too bad that they don’t flow all the time.  We had a hard time following this topo map but it did get us to the right place.  The road gets worse and worse till we stopped about a half of a mile from the road’s end.  We walked down a half-mile of jeep road then down the “hardpan” solid rock creek bed passed Milkranch Spring to the falls.  There are two falls real close together so it seems like it’s over a hundred feet high.


Check your Gila National Forest map.  Because there are 4 ways to drive in close to Milkranch.


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

one mile = approximately2 inches



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