Agua Caliente Falls

Agua Caliente Falls24 lo

25’ high Agua Caliente Falls


UpperAguaCalienteFalls16 lo

16’ high Upper Agua Caliente Falls


beta facts:

name- Agua Caliente Falls



GPS coordinates- ±36°15.388’N 105°45.504’W


season- April has the most water flow but anytime is fine

accommodations- restrooms at the visitor center, also a café in Pilar and campgrounds nearby

ownership- public - BLM

access-  2 mile hike from the Gravel Pit Area

nearest town- Pilar is about 2 miles northwest of here

fun fact- It surprised me to find a 25’ perennial flowing waterfall 2 miles from Pilar, NM

But there are two more waterfalls upstream from these two falls... that have not yet been documented...! ! !


 essay bro

This canyon has amazing beauty... well worth a hike... often…!!!  AND… who know how high and/or how beautiful the upper two waterfalls will be….???

The Yellow line below shows a route to Agua Caliente Falls... this is NOT a trail.


Right-click-save-as on our map below to have your own hand-held copy during your hike...! ! !


Enhanced USGS Topo


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