Fillmore Falls

The Fillmore Canyon trail hikes right past this 40’ high waterfall


beta facts:

name- Fillmore Falls

height- 40’


GPS coordinates- 3220.360’N 10634.620’W

flow- perennial spring fed however during winter and early spring it’s often big white and frothy

season- anytime

accommodations- day use picnic area and museum no over-nite camping allowed

ownership- public - BLM

access- a mile and a half trail

nearest town- Las Cruses is 12 miles west of here

fun fact- …ah …I can just feel more falls, 3 miles on up Fillmore Canyon below Rock House Spring



essay bro:


The feds have two gates at this facility.  One is extremely reasonable… it protects the buildings and facilities.  The other protects the trailhead.  It is a shame that the bureaucracy closes and locks BOTH gates from 5:00 PM to 8:00 AM.  This causes problems for both the rangers and the public.  I feel sorry for the rangers because they have to stay extra hours… probably without extra pay… just to get the public cleared outa there at 5:00 PM… AND I do not like the inconvenience to us the tax paying citizens.  We can’t hit the trailhead at dawn, which is really nice… AND we can not allow ourselves to get carried away with our beautiful hike and stay till sundown, which is also really nice.


When we hiked to the falls in March we were late returning to the trailhead… and the ranger was understandably quite irritated.  He threatened to give us a $200.00 fine and requested that we park out side the lower gate and walk an extra mile or two on the paved road.  “Fine,” I Thought, “but this looks to me like a good place to get your car vandalized… and there is NO PARKING PLACES AVAILABLE THERE….!!!!!!!!!”  …and besides all that they would probably have my rig towed and impounded AT MY EXPENCE…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why they can’t lock the upper gate to protect the buildings and facilities while leaving the trailhead “UNLOCKED”… is a marvel.  It don’t take “rocket-surgery” to realize the convenience of this option.  Perhaps the feds love their authority way too much to let go of even a tiny piece of it.  They have given themselves the authority to shove you and I into the tiny little box of their narrow-minded rules and they seem to love inconveniencing themselves and us both….!!!!


Anyway it is not the waterfalls fault… so enjoy it… and give a ranger a candybar.

Please copy and use our updated topo map below.   J


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map



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