Pecos Falls

Pecos Falls lo   Pecos Fall lo

90 - foot high Pecos Falls


Pecos Fall Lower Tier lo

the lower tier of Pecos Falls


beta facts:

name- Pecos Falls

height- 90’ in two separate tiers

elevation- 10,400’

GPS coordinates- ±35°56.204’N 105°33.490’W

flow- healthy perennial trout stream

season- May thru Oct …but earlier is bigger and better

accommodations- Pecos Wilderness

ownership- Santa Fe National Forest

access- 9 miles by trail

nearest town- Cowles is about 10 miles south of here

fun fact- every New Mexico outdoor lover should visit Pecos Falls


essay bro

Even tho the USGS topo maps do not show it, the still water below Pecos Falls is 90 feet lower than it’s crest.  Both the upper and lower tier of this waterfall are naturally sculpted into the same mass of bedrock.   It is very impressive in late May and early June  one of New Mexico’s more powerful waterfalls.


Pecos Falls is one of New Mexico’s most well-known and beloved falls.  It deserves this reputation.  Every hiking New Mexican should visit here.  It is one of my favorites… but because of thick forest it is hard to get a complementary photograph that shows it’s true grandeur.


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Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

Pecos Falls

The thin red lines above are one mile squares



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