Three Rivers Waterslides

...a 20’ high, 60’ long section of the Three Rivers Waterslides


A couple more sections of the Three Rivers Waterslides

Clean Bedrock… perfect for sliding… but don’t cry to me when you get hurt.  This is a “BigBoy-Sport.”


beta facts:

name- Three Rivers Waterslides

height- about 100-some-feet in many tiers

elevation- 7900’

GPS coordinates- ±33°24.500’N 105°50.821’W

flow- perennial trout stream

season- May thru October

ownership- Lincoln National Forest

access- 3 or more miles up Three Rivers Trail #44.  You’ll see them right beside the trail for a quarter-mile or so…

nearest town- this falls is 15-miles east of Three Rivers near Alamogordo

fun fact- ...these are smooth waterslides… need I say more...???


another interesting thing is that the Three Rivers Creek goes underground for about a half-mile between 3 Rivers Waterslides and Fall Creek


Enhanced USGS 7.5’ topo map

the thin, dotted red section lines above show one mile squares



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